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Assignment C

ART 497: 3D Animation & Modeling II (Advanced)
Fall 2014:

Brief: Your challenge is to make a Animated short. This can be anything from a pair of characters talking to a animal walking around in search of prey. You will be graded more on the animation then the modeling itself so please try to bring some life into your motions but since this is the finale really try to push beyond the envelope of just getting things done. Best of luck!


Process component:

[ ] 20% Exported Quicktime Animation of your work.

[ ] 10% The .mb file of the model.
The names should be of the format: lastname_C_whatever.mb

[ ] 40% Believable, creative, and smooth Animation.

[ ] 20% Adequate, courteous participation in critique.

[ ] 10% Interesting presentation of the Animation.

[ ] Final grade out of 100%