Assignment E:

ART 384: Computer Animation
Fall 2011:

Brief: So this is it. Your final assignment can be whatever you like. If you choose to polish up an older assignment you can. If you choose to start a brand new one you can. If you want to combine elements from older assignments to a brand new model, you can. The main objective of this assignment is to show how much you have learned and to create a pretty polished piece for your portfolio. Be as creative as you want and if you want to really push yourselves, feel free to ask me about techniques that can be considered more "advanced". This is your oppurtunity to push yourselves.


Process component:

[ ] 20% Two Renders, converted to TIFFs, correctly named The names should be of the format: lastname_E_whatever.tiff

Note: Renders from a Quicktime Turntable will also be accepted.

[ ] 10% The .mb file of the model.
The names should be of the format: lastname_E_whatever.mb

[ ] 10% Use of image of real the real object which is turned in with screen-grabs.
The name should be of the format: lastname_E_whatever.tiff

[ ] 10% Model Sheet\Plane.

[ ] 10% Adequate, courteous participation in critique.

Content component:

[ ] 20% Interesting silhouette.

[ ] 20% Looks good in 3D space rather then from a single perspective.

[ ] +10% Interesting presentation of the asset.

[ ] Final grade out of 100%


And alot of respect if you have your model textured.